Midwest Heritage Farms
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We currently have Gloucestershire Old Spots (GOS) pigs from all four color groups. In an attempt to minimize inbreeding, British GOS pig breeders developed a cyclic breeding system. All pure bred GOS pigs belong to one of four color groups: Red, Black, Green and Blue. If you are not familiar with the color groups, it is good to know that they do not refer to the color of the pigs. All of the pigs are white with black spots. The color groups represent the family or lineage from which a pig originated. For each color group there is one unique male name and up to five different female names.

We follow the cyclic breeding system that was developed by British GOS pig breeders. In addition to selecting breeding pairs based upon the cyclic breeding system, we also try to select breeding pairs that are as unrelated as possible. Since the GOSA organization maintains a registry of GOS pigs, it is possible to reference their pedigree database and determine the coefficient of inbreeding (CI) of potential breeding pairs. Our objective is to breed pigs that follow the cyclic breeding system and produce piglets with low coefficients of inbreeding.

We currently have sows from all four color groups and boars from all four color groups. All of our breeding pigs are registered with the Gloucestershire Old Spots Pigs of America (GOSA) organization. Our pigs are very friendly and love to be rubbed and petted. They are docile and intelligent.
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